Renewing My Mission

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I started writing this blog approximately 2 years ago.  It had been something that I wanted to do for years.  Writing is a way that I can connect the dots, unwind, and express some of my greatest passions to the world.   I have been silent for quite some time. The truth is: I was on the edge of burn-out.  There are so many forces in education and the world at large that seek to silence our voices and move us back to the same tired systems that have not worked for many for years.  I still strongly believe that we need to continue to rethink the way that education is done in this country.  At the outset of this blog, I coined the line of “changing the way that we think about education” as my mission for writing.  This mission has remained wholly unchanged.  

I’m continually inspired by the people who are able to use their words to transform the lives of others. I am drawn to people who can use words to bring out the passion and emotion of others while inspiring positive change.  It is my hope that with my writing, I can inspire the works of others in way that some of the great writers and orators have inspired me.  In my life, the power of words has changed my trajectory in very meaningful ways.  I can remember the call of Obama for talented educators to consider working with the schools that were in the most need.  Before that moment, I had never considered applying for schools in urban locals.  I heard the call, I responded by going to help, but I have found that working in these schools has changed me in ways that I can not put into words.  I am grateful for all the students have taught me about what it is to love.  These students are not in need of help, they just want the world to see them for who they truly are— they want to be valued in the way that the rest of us are. Today, I cannot imagine teaching anywhere but in the places where diversity of thought ideas and culture exist.  

If a line in a politician’s speech can impact my life in the way that it has, then maybe my words can impact just a few to create a world that is better than the one today.  Although my blog has not seen the traffic that I had once hoped, I know from the stories of some, that I have inspired action and have roused movement and hope.  I believe that my story and the story of the lives of my students is worth telling.  As with anything, change is slow.  I have seen my writing morph from dissertation-like to concise, direct and aimed at change.  I hope that in the next year, that my words will continue to impact others.  Thank you to those of you who have read and provided positive feedback for my work.  I am truly grateful for all of the inspiration that you have provided me.  I seek not to be famous, but to be a force for change in a society that is teetering on the edge of chaos.  I am actively anti-racist in my words and actions.  I hope to inspire a few to move in this direction.  

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