The Heart of a Teacher pt. 2

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I have often reflected on what it is to be a teacher.  In one of my past articles, I spoke of the Heart of Teacher.  As teachers, we are strapped with the emotional responsibility of wanting every one of our students to not only live but to thrive.  Teaching is a highly personal and emotional profession.  Often we are called to put the emotions that we are struggling through in our personal lives aside in favor of the lives of needs of our students.  I am not a parent, but I imagine the feeling is very much similar to the act of a loving parent.  

Having a variety of emotions is a part of the human condition that we all face.  We cannot help but experiences these emotions, they just are.  In the last week, I was having a difficult time separating the emotions that I was struggling with in my personal life from the classroom.  I was just limping through the days, while not experiencing the joy that I often find in the presence of my students.  I was in my head— not in the moment.  In two different situations which were related to the safety of my students, I was called back to the moment.  In those moments, there was nothing that was more important than the well-being of my students.  Whatever it was that I was pondering in my head was gone.  I acted immediately and with urgency.

As teachers we are called to love.  We are often called to put others, namely our students, before ourselves.  It can be an emotionally taxing act, but it is an act that I would not trade.  It is often thankless, but I don’t do it for the glory.  I don’t expect praise or to be named a hero.  I do it because I imagine a world that it is kinder and more caring than the one than the one we currently live.  I vision a world where we are all called to love one another and act on it.  In my dreams I see a world where simple acts of kindness of normal and done without expectation.  I want this world for my family, my friends, and my students.  I want this world for all of us.  

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