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We have been silent,

We have been silent as we watch systems fall down,

as we watch systems fail the students we serve.  

We have been quiet as educational excellence

has been put into question without even opening the door.  

I have been silent.  

I have allowed for my voice

and the voice of my colleagues to be silenced.  

“Your opinions don’t matter anymore,

shut your door and do what you’re here for.  

Turn out the light we don’t want anyone seeing in there.  

The skeletons and webs— history doesn’t matter.

That was too many years ago.”


Sooner or later, things will come to light,

the silenced won’t be silent no more.  

Let’s give voice to the voiceless,

let them utter their words,

Of what are you afraid?  

Will the skeletons start singing?

Will they sing after getting what they “deserved?”

Will the facade of beauty and peace

of beauty and peace be shattered

piece by beautiful piece as it falls quickly to the floor?

Let’s throw open the window and open the doors.  

Let’s shed light on the dark side of what you already know—

Education and learning is a tool used for oppression

Afforded to the haves while leaving the have nots collecting the pieces

of an economy that moving further from reach.   

It’s the shame of the Nation—

Poor brown and black children just won’t ever grow.  

You don’t have to speak it.  

We already know what you think.  

And we will be silent:

No More.   

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